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Claudio Calasans & Wrist Lock Attacks


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Claudio Calasans is quite the talented Jiu Jitsu champion. With black belts in both BJJ and Judo, he has proven his wide range of skills. He can take you down with a devastating Judo throw, battle you from the 50/50 guard, or attack you with his relentless wrist lock attacks. Calasans is a purveyor of wrist locks, and uses them to great success. He also uses them successfully to even the battlefield against bigger competitors in the absolute weight divisions. But why does he use wrist lock techniques? He uses them for three simple reasons…

3) They are everywhere

Honest to goodness, wrist lock attacks can be used from almost any position. Mount, side control, knee on belly, and probably most effectively from the closed guard and the back. Wherever someone uses their hand to defend, they are then putting their wrists in danger of being submitted. Claudio especially likes to use the techniques from the closed guard. They change the game a bit, and make an opponent more cautious.

2) They are painful

Anyone that says a wrist lock doesn’t hurt has never been wrist locked. Wrist locks are so painful, because of the fact that it takes so little pressure to actually break the wrist. Because it takes so little pressure, you start to feel the pain almost instantly when they are applied. Unlike some other techniques like a shoulder lock, an opponent can’t exactly tough it out. Within seconds, you can end up having a snapped wrist and be in an extreme amount of pain.

1) They work on bigger/stronger opponents

This is another awesome reason to use wrist locks, and why Claudio Calasans uses them. They work on bigger and stronger opponents. Going against bigger folks can be tough. Attacks like armbars simply don’t have the same effect, because many of the times a strong person can simply curl their arm and defend it. Wrist locks take the strength factor. A strong person’s wrist is the same as anyone else’s. When applied, they will feel the same pain and will break the same. This alone makes wrist locks such powerful techniques against powerful competitors.

Claudio Calasans has developed some truly technical, innovative techniques to attack the wrist. He knows the set ups, the traps, and the finishes for these submissions. Wrist locks can be added to anyone’s game. They are applicable to top players and guard players. Claudio’s DVD set, Giant Killing has a whole disc dedicated to wrist locks. Grab the DVD and add this awesome aspect to your own Jiu Jitsu.

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