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Complex Yet Highly Effective Butterfly Guard Pass with Bernardo Faria

Complex Yet Highly Effective Butterfly Guard Pass with Bernardo Faria


Watch Berndaro Faria Teach Chris Yonkers’ Butterfly Guard Pass

To master a technique you must break it down into smaller steps, which will let you repeat the process many times during drilling. This is the key to success when learning any new move such as the Butterfly Guard Pass. Watch Bernardo Faria demonstrate a methodical process to his favorite variations of Chris Yonkers’ butterfly guard in the video below.

Passing the butterfly guard is one of the most challenging guard to pass. Yet these are just some of Bernado's secrets to passing the bytterfly guard with ease. He's got a lot more butterfly guard passing tips in his new Pressure Passing DVD.


To pass the butterfly guard position the first step is entering with aggression. If you flatten your opponent you take away their forward momentum and bodyweight that they will allow them to elevate you and sweep you using their butterfly hooks.

The second step Chris Yonkers recommends when performing the butterfly guard pass is to free one leg from your opponent’s hook. To do this he blocks the shin on the butterfly hook. Sometimes this will not work if your opponent’s hook stays connected. If this is the case Chris prefers to step back, moving the opponent’s thigh completely out of the way. But he does not stay there long, instead he moves as soon as he’s free of the hook. He does this placing his thigh against the hook and doubling up against it.

Having a two on one position like this makes you much more powerful. It allows you to bring the outside over the thigh. When the opponent does nothing or offers no resistance with the shin, Chris will simply pass and establish his side control. Chris will hip switch and pass if Bernardo elevates and resists the pass.

Chris is able to pass a tricky guard with a methodical approach to flatten his opponent, freeing the hook to double up on one side, and then simply moving the hips over.

Pressure passing is one of the best ways to pass the butterfly guard. Bernardo has a whole series just on how to pressure pass all types of jiu jitsu guards; including his infamous over under guard pass series.



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