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The Over Under Guard Pass Template

The Over Under Guard Pass Template


Over Under Pass Technique Variation

If you have done any grappling based sports for even a short length of time you will know that each and every one of us grapplers has a favorite move. This is not a bad thing. Your body type and how you approach grappling will favor different techniques and strategies. That favorite move is often the one that just comes easier than others. We find ourselves utilizing it in ever roll and over time we refine the technique in order to make it “just work.” Over time we add to this library of favorites, that way we have a solution for any difficult situation we find ourselves in. Even world class black belts that we all admire do this. They are no different than a white belt with only little experience.

Take Bernardo Faria for example. He is a five time world champion, which means his game has been tested on a world champion level by some of history’s finest grapplers.


During Bernardo’s career the large majority of his success has been built up relatively few techniques and submissions. Often times he has been referred to as the Michael Jordan of half guard. That is because of his supreme power and prowess in that position. Faria is well known for being an omoplatas assassin in the area of submissions. And when it comes down to passing, Bernardo Faria’s game can be summed up with one very simple pass, which is the over under pass, complete with tons and tons of pressure for brutalizing an opponent.

There’s a reason you will see the same techniques used again, and again, and again… and again… and again as you examine Bernardo Faria’s extensive and dominate career. This is because Faria has worked on those techniques so diligently from the very beginning of his jiu jitsu career. From a young grappler to a seasoned vet, Bernardo Faria has built an entire championship career on finding positions that he gravitated towards.

Bernardo Faria remarked on several occasions that “there are no right answers in BJJ” which put simply means that what works for him will not necessarily work for someone else. More so, different body types and different levels of athleticisms will gravitate towards different techniques.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the video below from Craig Lyman – a black belt from Gracie Humaita, Las Vegas. In this video Craig shares a simple variation of Bernardo Faria’s favorite pass, the over under pass. Check it out now!

What are some of the take aways that we can get from this video? Well first of all, in your early days of training, you will want to look for techniques that feel more natural and are leading to greater success. Work on this as much as you can, especially in the beginning of your training. Of course it is always important to work on your weaknesses, but you have got the rest of your jiu jitsu career to do that. So in the beginning, remember to build confidence and kick some ass with the over under pass!

And also, make sure you are putting in the work to address anything your opponent gives you as counters to your money moves. What sets champions like Bernardo Faria apart from average jiu jitsu practitioners is his ability to recognize that he can learn something new from anyone. Remember to be open to alternative versions of your favorite techniques. You never know who might show you something that makes the position even more brutal, effective, and dominating. Never, never, never close your doors to information!

Bernardo Faria is the master of the over under passing system. I mean... come on, he's a 5x Black Belt World Champion and master of the pressure pass. In fact he actually shares with you his system for smashing with the over under grip and his pressure passing system that requires athleticism, strength, or energy. You easily and confidently destroy every guard with simple guard passing concepts and pressure, its all about the pressure baby!!



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