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Cowboy Climbs The Ranks, Defies Time

Cowboy Climbs The Ranks, Defies Time



Although Donald Cerrone hasn’t hit 40 years old yet, his MMA age might just be timeless. Cerrone has the all-time record for wins inside the UFC. He has 48 fights in MMA not counting his Kickboxing days. The man has put in work. Last night was a testament to that body of work.

Since moving to Welterweight a couple of years ago Cowboy has seen mixed results. After losing to several of the division’s top dogs, he decided to make one last run at Lightweight. At 155 pounds Cerrone has seen most of his octagon action, and after his last couple fights it might be safe to say he’s never looked better.

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Donald Cerrone came out against Al Iaquinta  in the main event of another UFC Fight Night. After a slow start, and some heavy damage Cerrone almost looked as though time had passed him by. It looked as though the younger and less weathered Ragin Al would add another victory to his belt. It looked like Ragin Al might just be on his way to challenging Khabib.

Cerrone is no stranger to adversity and danger. If you’ve ever tuned into a Rogan podcast with Cerrone you surely have heard some of his wild tales and adventures. BUT much like how he was able to sift through murky cave diving adventure, he was able to climb back into the fight after a slow first round.

Cowboy continues to push forward and overcome adversity at every turn this night. He let the audience know the reason why in a post fight interview. His son Dacson Danger was in tow watching his dad compete once again. Although there may be many indicators as to what is causing Cowboy’s late career resurgence, many have pointed out that he’s 3-0 since having his son. Here is a quick post fight interview with Cowboy, his grandma, and of course Mr. Danger himself.


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