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Top Lightweight Contenders Square Off at Fight Night 151

Top Lightweight Contenders Square Off at Fight Night 151


The UFC takes it’s tour of violence and spectacle to Ottawa this Saturday, and on that card we get to see Donald Cerrone take on Al Iaquinta. Both athletes have a spot in the top 10 in one of the most competitive divisions in the UFC. Cowboy currently sits at #8 while the long island native sits at #4.

Nobody in fighting keeps more busy than Cowboy. Although Cerrone has had mixed results as of late, he also has made a return to his more natural weight class of 155 instead of 170. While Cowboy had early success at 170 he fell short against the weight classes upper echelon. Cerrone lost to Jorge Masvidal, Darren Till, and Robbie Lawler who all have had spots in the top 5 in the last year or so.

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Raging Al on the other hand has had one of the craziest years of his entire career. Al has always been on rocky terms with the UFC. He doesn’t shy away from telling you exactly how he feels. This has put him in some interesting spots with his employer.

Raging Al got his chance at the vacant title when a cruel twist of fate saw UFC Brooklyn lose two challengers to Khabib Nurmagomedov. As Tony Ferguson tripped over a cable and blew his knee out, Al was getting ready for Paul Felder. As Max Holloway stepped in and failed to safely make the weight and had to be pulled from the match, Al was still getting ready for Felder.

After all of the shuffling and confusion Al finally got his shot. To this day, NOBODY has been able to weather the Khabib storm better than everyone else. Losing this match might of been the best thing to happen to Al’s career. Now he is getting his chance to shine against the all-time winningest athlete in the UFC, Cowboy.

As far as matchup goes, it is a very evenly matched fight between two of the sport’s most well rounded athletes. A slight striking advantage might be given to Cowboy, while Al might have the edge in grappling chops. The fight may be a 5 round war or it could be stopped at any point throughout with the caliber of athlete that is in the cage. If you are looking for some predictions of the main event and the rest of the card look no further, thanks to ESPNMMA’s YouTube! Check it out!

While there is a clear matchup for the belt next, this fight is sure to propel the winner into the title conversation. Currently Dustin Poirier is the next to challenge Khabib for 155 supremacy. While Al is raging to get another crack at Khabib with a full camp behind him, Cowboy is looking to make a final run. The urgency is sure to lead to a fun filled bout!

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