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Craig Jones Heel Hook Setup from Butterfly Guard

Craig Jones Heel Hook Setup from Butterfly Guard


Aussie ADCC Vet With Another Devastating Leg Attack


The heel hook has become one of the most effective submissions in Jiu Jitsu in part because it is extremely painful but also because it is a newer technique that not everyone practices regularly. The heel hook can be set up from any of the leg entanglements but is most effective in the saddle (aka 4/11, honey hole, etc). Once in the saddle, this submission is easy to find and finish. The difficulty here, however, is getting to the saddle, especially while playing guard.

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In the following video, Absolute MMA black belt Craig Jones shows one of the best ways to get to the saddle when playing butterfly. It is important to note that this specific position is a modification of the traditional butterfly guard as one feet is weaved under the other leg to the other side. This specific modification will out for the entry and sweeps as well.



In my experience with trying this set up, it is vital to reach for the far leg because if the guard passer sprawls, they will end up in a dominant position to pass the guard using a leg drag style finish. Also, it is important to protect your head because if the top player can get a crossface, they will flatten you out and finish a pass very easily.

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When I first started doing this pass, once I would lift my partner and shoot the leg through, I had a bad habit of making a triangle with my legs. It is very tempting because of the nature of the leg position here but still a bad idea. If you triangle your legs, it will be easier for the top player to stand on the foot you are attacking and also harder to roll them over.


When attempting this entry, it is very important to sell the technique as if you are trying to sweep them over. If you do it lightly, it will be very difficult to lift the person and will expose you as well. One quick addition to this technique is that if the top player is able to stand as you attempt the entry, by rotating yourself to the other side, you will be able to smoothly transition to x-guard and finish with a sweep.

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