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Crazy Foot Lock From Warren Brooks!

Crazy Foot Lock From Warren Brooks!


What frustrates you most when you are training live or rolling with someone?  There are a number of things that you could likely say in response to this. One of the things that I would venture to say we can all agree on is getting caught in a weird joint lock of some sort.  Don’t worry, this is not about wrist locks. Have you ever been caught in a crazy foot lock from half guard?  I know I certainly have, and every single time I shake my head because it’s almost always something I should have seen coming, but didn’t.  

One of the most well known Jiu Jitsu practitioners when it comes to these crazy foot locks is Warren Brooks.  Warren has developed a reputation for being a savage at catching seemingly random grips on his opponent’s feet and turning into a submission.  

Let’s take a look at his “Crazy Foot Lock From Half Guard”.

Starting inside the opponent’s guard we are first looking to break the guard to do a knee slice of knee over style pass.  Once we are able to break the guard, we immediately push the opponent’s knee to the ground and start to pass. In effort to stop the pass from being successful the opponent will likely trap the outside leg (not the leg leading the pass) with their outside leg in hopes of maintaining some sort of control over you.

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When the opponent does this Warren bases on his hands and drives his left leg as far back as he can in effort to get it past the foot that is hooking his right leg.  Once he clears the foot, he then starts to bring his left knee back to the opponent’s hips but is also looking to bring the opponent’s foot that is hooking his leg with him.

As he begins sliding his left knee up towards the opponent’s butt, he leads with his left knee scooping the opponent’s foot up with his knee and forcing it to the other side of the opponent’s hips.  Because of the angle created but this it is not hard to create a lot of pressure by simply pushing with his knee on the end of the lever (as far down on the foot as he can go without losing control of the foot. 

To finish the foot lock submission Warren is working to get double under hooks and simply squeezes bringing his knee into the opponent’s butt and putting more pressure on his opponent causing the opponent to tap.

It is worth noting that you may get rolled over from this position since you are giving up your base to have double under hooks.  This is not a major concern for Warren because he feels he is still in a position to finish the submission as long as he stays tight to the opponent during the roll.

There are crazy foot locks to be snagged from just about every position you can imagine, and Warren Brooks seems to be the subject matter expert on where to find them and how to execute them. 

Are you looking for an edge on the mats?  Looking to surprise your competition and catch them in a wild foot lock that they will never see coming?  If so, “Invisible Leg Locks” – by Warren Brooks is the  video instructional that you must have!  This detailed instructional will walk you through some of the most creative leg locks that really work from any and every position you can imagine.  The best part about this is that all of the joint locks shown in this video instructional are IBJJF legal so you do not have to worry when using them in competition.



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