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Cyborg Defeats Luis Panza at Fight 2 Win 106

Cyborg Defeats Luis Panza at Fight 2 Win 106


8X World Champ Wins Referee Decision Over Panza

In one of the most anticipated main events in Fight 2 Win's history, BJJ luminaries Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu met Checkmat's Luiz Panza in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend.

As expected, this match in the Gi was everything it promised on paper.  Panza who has been away from competition for some months enjoying the recent birth of his daughter quickly pulled guard and worked a number of reversal attempts and also managed several leg attacks, namely the "botinha" or straight ankle lock that he is so well known for.

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Cyborg put his ability to FLOW with incredible dexterity for someone of his size.  He was able to float through Panza's tornado-esque sweep attempts and maintain his balance and bring an ever-increasing amount of pressure as he maintainted the top position for the majority of the match.

Whether it was side control or bringing the pressure passing, Cyborg's control and relentless pressure left Panza noticeably fatigued.  Though this viewer saw Panza with more submission attempts in the match.  Multiple attempts at knee bars and at least one straight ankle attack, the dominating control that Cyborg displayed gave him the win in the opinion of the three Fight 2 Win referees.

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All and all, great fight from these competitors.  It was amazing to see two ultra-heavyweights put the Miyaos to shame with their scrambing!

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