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Deep Half Guard Sweep Pro Move Variation



Anyone that is a little guy in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should become very friendly with the deep half guard. Deep half allows a smaller practitioner to easily manipulate and move a bigger opponent. Applicable in both gi and no gi, deep half has been the favored half guard position of world champions such as Bernardo Faria and Jeff Glover. Understanding the position allows for a Jiu Jitsu practitioner to stay safe, sweep and then dominate by getting to a strong top position. One deep half sweep that I particularly enjoy is one that flows right into a double under pass to side control. Check out this incredible sweep/pass combo…

Deep Half Guard Instructions: Step One

First thing’s first. You have to make sure that you know how to stay safe while playing deep half. You need one arm wrapped around and controlling your opponent’s far hip. Then you need to hide your other arm under his near side leg to avoid any possible arm lock or shoulder lock attempts. Have your legs sandwich your opponent’s leg by the ankle so that you can manipulate his leg if possible. And last but not least, make sure your head is close to his far leg/lap. This is the safe way of using this position.

Deep Half Guard Instructions: Step Two

Now that you’re safe, it will be time to hit the sweep. Turn your palm up with your hidden arm to grab his other hip. By doing this you will have both of his hips controlled. Using your legs, elevate his trapped leg and raise it up. Once his leg is raised up high, you need to spin into him, going right onto your knees. With both hips controlled while being on your knees, you are already in proper position to hit the double under pass. Pick him up off the mat so his hips have no base, use a cross grip on his neck and complete the double under pass.

The flowing nature of this sequence is what makes it work so well. When you hit this fast and smooth, you do not give your opponent any chance to rest or defend. The deep half is championship material. And if you want to be a champion, it is something that you can use. One of the world’s best deep half players, Bernardo Faria has released a half guard DVD that covers the deep half in depth. Check it out to improve your deep half game!

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