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Defeat The Underhook With This Butterfly Guard Sweep

Defeat The Underhook With This Butterfly Guard Sweep


Butterfly Guard Sweep Against The Underhook by Cesar Casamajó

If you have been around the BJJ world you may have heard of Cesar Casamajo. Cesar is a 25 year old black belt from Brazil. He has many years ahead of him as a top level competitor. Cesar has an amazing butterfly guard, so we will take a look at some of his techniques today. Cesar has a very good way of dealing with the under hook. Let us take a look at the video below and then will break his technique down. Check it out!

Casamajo starts off by pulling his opponent into an over hook, controlling his back and basing with his opposite hand and elbow. By grabbing the belt and trapping the wrist Casamajo sets himself up for the sweep. Using momentum he rolls Bernardo over his shoulder, using his butterfly hook, as well as pulling him with the belt. What is cool about this sweep is that it puts you in top side control, perfect for knee on belly, mount or finishing with an arm lock submission. Awesome stuff!

Cesar Casamajo gives us a new perspective on the butter fly guard sweep. His methodology underscores the fact that all jiu jitsu techniques are made from fundamental concepts. By applying slight variations you can get even better results.

Another one of the best butterfly guard players in the world is Rafael Formiga Barbosa. His butterfly guard "fly sweep" to arm bar is a thing of legend. Enhance your butterfly guard skills with Formiga's Butterfly Guard DVD / On Demand Series.


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