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Defend the Dreaded High Elbow Guillotine with Lachlan Giles

Defend the Dreaded High Elbow Guillotine with Lachlan Giles


Protect Your Neck...

The high elbow guillotine is definitely famous for being a bout ender. Often times known as the “Marcelotine”. The nick name being derived from one of the best grapplers of all time, Marcelo Garcia, this powerful submission is a high percentage staple in the arsenal of some of the world’s top tier competitors. Once applied and locked in, the high elbow guillotine can be very tough to remove yourself from. Especially if you’re on the other end of a proficient players technique. But like all submissions, there are ways to escape and defend this brutal strangle.

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In this video Lachlan Giles gives us some insight into defending the high elbow guillotine, as well as why he prefers to catch the guillotine with the arm in. Take a look at this!

In Giles’s opinion the mechanics of the high elbow guillotine lend themselves a little more readily to the escape attempts of his partners.  Here, we see as Giles applies the high elbow variation and falls to his side with the neck, it permits his partner to continue to roll over into a bridge and defend the submission with relative ease.

Another way to defend the high elbow version would be to get your partner to their opposite hip. This will take the steam out of the submission, and allow us to reach over the shoulder, and begin removing our hips from our partners guard to begin escaping. However, as your partner begins to pass to the opposite side, Giles believes the high elbow Is a good option. IF you can get your elbow over the shoulder are of your partner and keep them from reaching over your shoulder. As they continue to pass the choke gets much tighter and causes the submission.

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Giles seems to prefer the arm in style guillotine, favoring its contingencies over that of the high elbow variation. If his partner decides to roll through to defend the arm in guillotine, Giles is able to follow him to various advantageous positions such as the anaconda choke and so forth. Having the arm involved inside the set up appears to offer greater control during transitions and dealing with defense.

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