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Understanding Gordon Ryan’s Guard Passing System

Understanding Gordon Ryan’s Guard Passing System


Passing System Secrets From The King!

Guard passing has developed to become one of the most difficult aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you recall your white belt days trying to pass the guard of blue and purple belts, you might recall the difficulty in simply getting by someone’s legs. Imagine going up against a high level black belt and trying to pass their guard.

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If you think your basic knee slice pass will work against these guys, think again. Passing the guard of skilled grapplers requires intricacy and a lot of attention. This is because passing the guards of these grapplers requires you to move between passes based off of their guard defense. This usually comes with experience but can also be practiced.

One of the most recent innovations in guard passing seems like something a white belt would develop. But it works, really well. It is used mostly by guys like Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones but is now starting to be used by grappler’s all over. This innovation is called the floating position. The floating position allows the top player to move their legs about with a lot of ease, something that is not common in other passing positions.

To enter the floating position, the guard player must place one of their legs between the legs of the guard player, and this can be a battle on its own. After doing this, that leg must put a lot of pressure on the same side leg of the defender while you sit over the guard players other legs. This position, so far, sounds a lot like many other guard passing positions.

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The difference, however, is that the hands must be place above the shoulders of the guard player on the ground or in their armpits. After establishing this position, place your weight on your hands and float your hips up.

In the following video, Gordon Ryan explains his guard passing system and his use of what is known as the floating position.

The flowing position is an excellent tool to develop because not only is it very effective, as has been seen with Gordon, but it is also very versatile. The floating position allows the guard passer to seamlessly switch between not just different guard passes, but entire different passing styles. What this means is that it allows the top player to switch from fast passing and smash passing faster than the defender can comprehend.  

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