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Body Lock Pass with Gordon Ryan

Body Lock Pass with Gordon Ryan


Fresh off of his victory over Gabriel Rocha at Kasai, Gordon Ryan is set to release one of the most highly anticipated passing instructionals to date with BJJ Fanatics. We’ve been getting glimpses of Ryan’s passing concepts and techniques here and there, but were patiently waiting the release of the whole lot of content. From what we’ve gathered through what’s available currently, Ryan has been working to develop a system of passing that incorporates 3 different types of passing into an unstoppable system.

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By chaining loose passing, tight passing, and passes using submissions, Ryan seems to have created a formula that will bring value to everyone’s game

A new sample was just released today from the instructional. This particular technique deals with the body lock pass. There are some great ideas at work here. Have a look at this!

Beginning in half guard, Ryan’s partner sits up to achieve an under hook. Ryan takes an under hook on the near side, and offers 3 different ways to clasp the hands together. A ten-finger grip, a palm to palm grip, and a wrist to wrist grip which he feels is the most secure. He then drives his partner flat and puts his head over their far shoulder. Ryan suggests passing to the opposite side of the under hook he’s acquired to gain the best positioning. He puts his head to the floor, and begins to use his instep to create a wedge helping to free his other foot. Now, he’s left with two butterfly hooks on the inside of his partner’s legs.

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As his right knee travels to the floor, his left shin pommels and spans his partner’s thighs to keep the hips and knees at bay. It’s important to note here that Ryan’s right knee is wide, as his hands are occupied, and a successful bridge would dismantle his progress to this point if he’s not prepared. At the completion of the pass Ryan can now commit his right arm to the underside of his partners head and secure side control.

This is a fantastic, well thought out pass. Can’t wait to see more!

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