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Defend the Kimura with Tom DeBlass

Defend the Kimura with Tom DeBlass


Great Kimura Defense Detail With Tom DeBlass!

Defending submissions can get tricky against high level opponents. Sometimes more than a counter, we need a way to put the other person in an uncomfortable situation long enough to make them think twice about continuing the same path. It would be great to mount an amazing counter that leads us back to a submission of our own. But when it becomes a game of inches, these scenarios become less likely and we need to simply survive the attack, and give ourselves the chance to try again.

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In this video Tom DeBlass gives us a sample of a scenario just like this. Particularly the kimura. What do you do when your partner has a completely locked kimura from the closed guard? You’ll have to act quickly if you hope to foil their plans to submit you. Check this out!

DeBlass’s partner has a completely locked kimura from the closed guard. Once the hold is secure, there’s not much time to react. DeBlass gives simple concise instruction on that your first move should be. Immediately he steps up with his leg on the same side the kimura is being attacked, and anchors his hand to the underside of his leg.

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This will buy him some time to make his next adjustment. He then drives his partners arms up towards his head. This weakens the integrity of the lock, and puts his partner out of position where finishing is concerned. From here DeBlass is patient and waits for his partner to let go, which gives him the freedom to remove himself from danger and reset.

As DeBlass states, “we must give people a reason to stop doing what they’re doing”. If we do not accomplish this, we will be the victim of the same pitfalls over and over again. I’d say this is a great way to make someone think twice about trying to execute the kimura from closed guard!

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