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The Perfect Arm Bar with John Danaher

The Perfect Arm Bar with John Danaher


Are you ready to make your arm bar 10x better immediately?

In his final installment of the “Enter the System” series John Danaher will be delving into the realm of the arm bar. I can tell you, watching this video one time, has already opened my eyes to some very interesting key elements of performing a successful arm lock. As veteran practitioners we often feel that our knowledge of fundamentals is sound.

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But with the release of Danaher’s content, details that may have eluded us for years are now being unearthed. This video clears the 16-minute mark, but I promise you its worth every second you’ll spend watching it. There are some things here that will change the way you look at executing an arm bar from here on out. Give it a watch.


Starting in the mount, Danaher begins with one of the biggest problems we face when trying to arm bar an experienced player. Separating the arms from the body while our partner is fighting to keep them tight. He begins by using a cross face, and cupping his partners armpit. He then sags his body to one side, uncovering the elbow of the arm he wishes to attack. As he finds the tip of the elbow, he slides his hand under it and begins to walk his partner’s arm away from the body, using his thumb to lead the walking of the hand. When he reaches a point where he can no longer use his thumb to walk the hand away, he moves his head over his partner’s head and extends his arm, moving his partner’s elbow above his shoulder line. This will keep his partner from getting his arm back tight to his side. Once the elbow is above the shoulder line, Danaher guides it across his partner’s head and places his head on the other side of it, trapping it in place.

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As Danaher brings his arms underneath his partner’s head, he then slides his hips forward and connects his knee to his elbow. As he inverts his leg and shifts his weight toward the hips, Danaher covers his partners shoulder with his knee. He then threads his right arm through the space between his partners arms, cups his own thigh, and plants his hand near his partner’s hip before placing his leg over his partners head and sitting back into arm bar position.

I love the method of separating the hands. We’ve all learned many ways to do this, but this seems incredibly effective. Danaher threads his left arm through elbow deep, and then re threads his right arm through near the wrist, with the goal of getting his partner’s arm tight to his chest. As he sits back with the arm, the only thing defending is the weak rotator cuff muscles of his partner’s shoulder. Danaher also addresses the danger of what’s commonly known as the hitchhiker escape. He remedies this by cupping the inside of his partner’s arm, so that he can not turn away for the escape.

For the break, Danaher employs a half hand grip and reinforces it with his opposite hand. A pulling and pushing action are used to push the arm toward the hip, and a pulling action brings it downward toward the floor. Danaher shows a secondary option as well, guiding the arm into his armpit and grabbing his own shin to produce a tremendous amount of breaking pressure.

There’s much to be learned here. Can’t wait for more!

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