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The Granby Roll With Ricky Lundell

The Granby Roll With Ricky Lundell


The granby roll is a very common technique used in Jiu Jitsu to escape a wide variety of positions. Because the granby roll requires a little inversion, many grapplers, especially larger or older ones, avoid it due to the fear that they won’t be able to execute it or they might hurt themselves. When done correctly, though, the granby roll is not only safe, but it can work for anyone grappler of any particular size.

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The fear of injury from the granby roll comes from the way the technique looks like its done. For the unaware, this technique looks like it requires the person doing it to roll on their head. This is very untrue, in fact, when doing the granby roll, you should place little to none of your body weight on your head.

Ricky Lundell is a black belt under legendary Pedro Sauer. He is very well accomplished in the submission wrestling and the International Federation of Associated Wrestling styles, being the smallest grappler to ever win the absolute division in Pancrase, submitting the silver medalist Brandon Ruiz, author of Grappling Takedown Dominance For Grappler, who weighs over one hundred pounds more than Ricky.

Knowing Ricky’s accomplishment, it might be a good idea to learn from him and get some tips on how to improve your wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. In the following video, Ricky Lundell gives a very detailed explanation of the granby roll, which we discussed ealier, and how to execute it appropriately and safely. See below:

Knowing how to granby roll is essential for all grapplers, regardless of age or size. The granby roll is a very powerful escape from turtle that can bring you back to your guard or even give you the top position, depending on how you do it. The granby roll is also the basis for inverting. Being good at granby rolling essentially means you are good at inverting, and inverting is also something grapplers should try or be aware of. Inverting can save you from a lot of positions, especially when defending the guard.

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