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Recap and Results - BJJ Stars Event

Recap and Results - BJJ Stars Event


On February 23,  the first edition of the BJJ Stars event took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  This invitational event was unique as it had invited the most World Champions to participate in recent BJJ history, including Felipe Pena, Marcus Almeida, Nicholas Meregali, Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos, Isaque Bahiense - author of The Guillotine Gameplan, Michelle Nicolini, Celso Venicius - author of The Effective Half Guard Manual by Celso Venicius, Delson Heleno, and Fernando Terere.

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Lo and Buchecha Lose

The main event included exciting matches, that even saw some underdogs winning.  Nicolas Meregali took on Leandro Lo. The last time these two competitors met, Meregali was able to defeat Lo in the finals of the 2017 IBJJF World Championships.  However, this match was in Lo's hometown, and Meregali was coming off a 5 month absence- so Lo was the favored competitor coming into the match. The match was spent mostly with Meregali on top, trying to pass Lo's single leg X Guard.  In the last minute, Meregali was finally able to pass the guard, and take back control to win 4-0.

Joao Gabriel Rocha pulled off the biggest upset of the nights, when he defeated Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida by 3 advantages.  The two competitors have met a handful of times previous to today's match, and Buchecha had been able to win all of the matches.  However, this time around, Rocha was aggressive from the top, nearly passing Buchecha's half guard a number of times- getting him the advantage win.

Erberth Attacks the Audience

The last match of the night, was between two IBJJF World Champions, Felipe Pena versus Erberth Santos.  The match started with Pena sweeping Erberth. After the sweep, Erberth motioned to the referee that he had hurt his knee.  As a medic was coming to treat Erberth, he jumped off the mat and ran into the crowd to attack members of Pena's team. When Erberth was finally detained, he broke free again and attacked more people from Pena's team.  He was finally removed from the arena, and Pena was declared the victor via disqualification.

BJJ Stars Full Results


– Ricardo (Pingo) Rocha def. Carlos (Cadu) Eduardo by armbar

– Bianca Basílio def. Michelle Nicolini by 9×2 pts

– Gabriel Rollo def. Celso Venicius by 1 advantage

– Delson (Pé de Chumbo) Heleno def. Fernando Tererê via choke

– Patrick Gaudio def. Tim Spriggs by 14×2 pts

– Isaque Bahiense def. DJ Jackson by decision

– Marco Barbosa def. Wellington (Megaton) Dias by 2×0 pts

– Roberto Godoi def. Renato (Babalu) Sobral by 2×0 pts

– Nicholas Meregali def. Leandro Lo by 4×0 pts

– João Gabriel Rocha def. Marcus Almeida by 3 advantages

– Felipe Pena def. Erberth Santos by DQ

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– Adriano Silva def. Diego Vivaldo by 4 adv (2×2 pts)

– Luis Marques def. Diogo Almeida by 2×0 pts

– Jurandir Vieira def. Rodrigo Serafim by triangle

– Paulo Procópio def. Chico Salgado by 4×0


– Jurandir Vieira def. Adriano Silva by last to score rule (2×2 pts)

– Luis Marques def. Paulo Procópio by choke


– Luis Marques def. Jurandir Vieira by 1 advantage (0x0 pts)


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