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Leg Lock Attack Chain with Tom DeBlass

Leg Lock Attack Chain with Tom DeBlass


Great Leglock Techniques With Professor Tom DeBlass!

When hunting for leg locks, elevation is key. Getting underneath our training partner is paramount to cementing a great entry, and getting into the legs. There may not be a better place to begin the process than from the butterfly guard. There are dozens of different methods employing the butterfly guard to elevate and transition to leg locking positions, and the butterfly guard is a fantastic home base to those of us wishing to begin the process of elevation.

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Tom DeBlass knows a thing or two about leg locks. He’s part of an incredible team of leg locking masters, and has developed a very dangerous leg game as well as an equally impressive defensive game from leg entanglements. In this video he shows us how to enter multiple leg attack positions, beginning from the butterfly guard. Check it out!

DeBlass begins by using a very simple method of elevation from the butterfly guard. He simply scoots his butt under his partner, lifts him to his feet, and quickly establishes the ahi garami position. As his partner begins pushing DeBlass’s foot down off of his hip to unravel the position, this allows DeBlass to easily transition to the x-guard. DeBlass then uses his x-guard controls to bring his partner forward a bit. This allows him to acquire his partners far ankle.

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From here, DeBlass shoots his legs up above the knee and extends his hips, causing his partner to relinquish his standing position and fall to his butt. This lands DeBlass in a double outside ashi position. But he wishes to progress further to a sit over position. To do this, he rotates his body and comes up to his knees, facing away from his partner. He then rotates a bit more and sits to his hip, now facing his partner’s legs. From here the reversal has been won, and he can begin to pass, attack the legs, etc.

Committing chaining exercises such as this one to memory can be incredibly beneficial to your transitional game. We always want to have somewhere to go next, and sequences like this provide that road map.

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