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Demetrious Johnson Open to Competing In Different Disciplines

Demetrious Johnson Open to Competing In Different Disciplines


Demetrious Johnson To OneFC. Will He Compete In More Than Just MMA?

Demetrious Johnson was “traded” in a historic and never-before-seen move from the UFC to the huge Asian fight promotion ONE FC. This comes after Demetrious lost his belt to Henry Cejudo in one of the most exciting fights the UFC has put on this year. Prior to losing this fight, Johnson defended his title successfully eleven times. Demetrious Johnson is considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best MMA fighter the world has seen.

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In October of this year, Demetrious earned his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from his coaches Bibiano Fernandes and Matt Hume. Interestingly, however, Demetrious was just a “white belt” in April of 2017 when he submitted Wilson Reis by armbar. Of Demetrious 27 wins inside the cage, he was able to finish his opponents 16 times, 11 being by submission. Demetrious Johnson also puts on one of the best displays of grappling last year when he defeated Ray Borg by a sick armbar.

Demetrious Johnson discussed his distaste of the North American fighting system and considers it a system of bullying rather than embodiment of the spirit of martial artists. Demetrious seems excited to make the move to fight in Asia as he believes they respect the martial artist’s spirit and are interested in technical match ups.

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ONE Championship chairman Chatri Sityodtong and Demetrious Johnson have also had some discussions that appear to show Demetrious Johnson’s interest in competing in different disciplines like Jiu Jitsu or kickboxing (if interested, find instructional videos The Aussie Formula: Kickboxing Fundamentals by John Wayne Parr). As DJ is expertly skilled in both realms, I’m sure he would make any format of competition entertaining for the fans. As of now, there are no scheduled matches for Johnson, but I would expect an announcement of something by the end of the year.

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