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They’ll Never See This Arm Bar Coming...

They’ll Never See This Arm Bar Coming...


Sneaky Arm Lock For A Quick Submission!

We love sneaky submissions that come out of nowhere. Especially when your opponent may be in the middle of mounting their offense and we take advantage at just the right moment. These may be some of the most opportune moments to attack. Most BJJ players are ready to defend when you’re attempting to produce a submission from a recognizable attacking platform, but its here in these spaces in-between where they don’t see the attack coming that they are most vulnerable. Here’s a great example of what I mean. Check out this super slick armbar from Renato Canuto!

Who would expect this?

This is relatively common position in BJJ. In this case it’s labeled as single leg half guard. You may recognize it as a seated guard position. Whatever the case may be, surely, you’ve encountered it, and securing the lapel as Faria is doing here is also a preferred control when using this position.

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Though this technique is not incredibly difficult, timing is surely paramount when executing it. I could see the technique being performed very sloppily and resulting in disaster. Make sure you practice it a few times nice and slow with attention to detail.

When Faria sits up and secures his position, Canuto inserts his thumb into the back of Faria’s collar and uses his forearm to frame his shoulder, keeping him at a distance. He then reaches between his legs and secures Faria’s sleeve. In one motion Canuto pulls Faria forward using the grips he’s acquired, during this time he also lifts his leg from between Faria’s leg, releasing it.

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Here’s where the footwork could get tricky. With a graceful hop to the far side of Farias body that’s lead by his recently released leg, Canuto is able to place himself in position to finish the armlock.

This is incredibly creative, innovative, and it was right here under our nose the whole time. Give it a shot!

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