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Should You Train Differently Before A Belt Promotion?

Should You Train Differently Before A Belt Promotion?


We all remember cramming before some big test in school, trying to make up for all the lost time spent doing something else. Sadly, for a lot of us, the promise of an upcoming belt promotion can lead us down that same road, trying to do ALL THE JIU JITSU and really make that last good impression in your coach's eyes. So, if it happens so often, the question really is, is it good?


First, before you come to any conclusions, remember your goals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. If you are on the mat to improve your health, no belt color will change that. If you are there to learn and master a martial art, your belt doesn't come complete with a "How To Roll Better" instruction manual, it's still just you! If you are on the mat to compete and push yourself, then a promotion is a very careful thing that can bring a whole new set of problems (especially if that promotion is to brown or black).

Overall, trying to cram in those last few rolls JUST to get your new belt is not going to advance your jiu-jitsu. Instead, get those workouts in with a focus on dropping your ego and really improving! The belts, the knowledge, the accolades, everything else will come to you when you learn how to stop centering your life around rank. Besides, if you are really doing it right, then BJJ can be a part of your life forever, so don't be in a rush now to make it all happen at once.

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