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Derrick Lewis vs Junior Dos Santos UFC Wichita

Derrick Lewis vs Junior Dos Santos UFC Wichita



Expect fireworks….seriously there should be fireworks

Two heavy hitters of the UFC’s Heavyweight division are set to do battle tonight at UFC Wichita. Derrick Lewis 21-6-1 (18 KO’s) will face off against Junior Dos Santos 20-5 (14 KO’s) tonight. On paper we should be able to look at the amount of KO’s and say “yeah someone is going down!”, but as we’ve seen in MMA you can never truly tell.

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Not too long ago we were set to see “surefire fireworks” between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis. Sadly what we were left with was what had to be one of the most underwhelming and under delivering fights on record. That said, in Lewis’s next outing he had one of the most electrifying comebacks of ALL TIME!

Alexander Volkov had great success against Lewis for almost the entirety of their bout. That was until “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis unleashed a flurry of punches that brought the entire building to their feet, and a lot of viewers from home. I’m still trying to remove the stain on the carpet from the drink I spilled! This earned him a title shot against the current P4P #1 Daniel Cormier.

JDS on the other hand has bounced back from his USADA suspension and had two successful bouts in 2018 most recently knocking out Shoey King Tai Tuivasa. He now has the tall task of taming “The Black Beast”, a task JDS may very well be equipped to handle. JDS, a former champion, has made it clear he isn’t looking to stop anytime soon. With a win over Derrick Lewis and a proper callout he may very well get closer to that ultimate goal. Here is a quick video about the fight!

Enjoy the UFC’s broadcast on espn and espn+, and stay tuned for some results and breakdowns. Will we see a grappling exchange between these two heavy hitters, who knows! Let’s just hope for some great MMA moments that we can breakdown for you later.

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