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Did You Take The Summer Off From BJJ?

Did You Take The Summer Off From BJJ?


School is starting back up, summer vacations are coming to an end, and a lot of people are headed back onto the mats.

If you took a summer break then you might be concerned about how your body is going to fair going back into training, both physically and mentally. Don’t fret, we can help! 

The first step is to just go to class. Prepare yourself mentally to be a little less quick, less smooth and automatic than you were before the break. Take a few days or weeks reinstituting the fundamentals and recovering the muscle memory that might have taken a backseat in your brain. Is this going to be incredibly frustrating?

Yes. No matter how many times you logically tell yourself it will take a little while to get back into the swing of things, you will still partially hope to have a miraculous return with no lost technique or stamina. Don’t hold out for that miracle, but if it happens then bravo to you! On the other hand, don’t get immediately discouraged from a backslide either, your skills are still there and they will come back with regular training. 

On top of feeling mentally frustrated and one click behind your opponent, you will also likely feel like all of your energy has depleted even with minimal rolling. Your body has become used to not rolling and therefore has reallocated that energy to other areas of your life.

Even if those areas were athletic, you will still probably have a few weeks of exhaustion. In addition to energy expenditure, the hormonal release that occurs during Jiu Jitsu rolling is much different than other sports, and your body is no longer prepared to recover quickly from that. To ease yourself back in healthily start with two or three light sessions a week, rather than jumping straight into intense grappling four or five times. Stick with the slow reintroduction for the first month, adding a bit every week and soon you’ll be back to your old self! 

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Getting back to training will also rekindle some lost friendships and support from your teammates. When you are planning on making your return, make sure to communicate with them and your coach to let them know your goals so they can help you. Having people behind you through the first few weeks will be immensely beneficial and guide you through the emotional and physical hardships.

Chances are most of the people training with you have taken time off for one reason or another, so feeling like you are among like-minded individuals will help soften the comeback blow. On the other hand, they are not going to let you sandbag your rolls more than you should. Coming back from a break does not mean you need to roll light for the next three months, and being sore is not a reason to give up. 

Whether you are planning on an upcoming return after a few weeks or months off, or you are expecting some teammates to make an appearance after some time off in the near future- remember the process! Mentally steel yourself to push through the discomfort (to an appropriate level), take your time getting back to your previous level and use your built in gym support to help get you through it. 

Here is a short list of things to consider: 

- Sleep! If you are going to be asking your body to exert a lot more energy than it has become used to, you need to let it recover. Get good rest between classes.

 - Eat- similar to sleep, you need to feed your body and muscles to help them repair. Fill your meals with a healthy mix of nutrients to support your efforts. 

- Cut back on other activities- If you took a break from Jiu Jitsu to focus on a ummer sport, then you might need to take those practices easy for a while as you try to find the correct, sustainable balance. - ENJOY YOURSELF! 

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