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Diversify Your Hip Bump Attacks

Diversify Your Hip Bump Attacks


The kimura/hip bump sweep is series is one of the first multi option series that many people learn early in their Jiu-Jitsu career. It is a great way to illustrate the concept of attacking with multiple options at your disposal. Having options is always a good idea.

Setting up the hip bump sweep allows a newbie to see multiple “simple” options based off of the opponent’s reaction. The opponents action of pulling away from a Kimura attempt will set up the eventual sweep. Another great option with a similar approach is utilizing an arm drag to make the opponent react.

Renato Canuto has been making waves as of late with big wins at Kasai Pro and a strong run at the World Championships this year. In the video above Renato demonstrates how to utilize a strong arm drag from closed guard to get the reaction we are looking for. If the opponent simply doesn’t fight to regain their posture other options will be there to exploit.

Let’s assume our opponent has a pulse and fights the arm drag. If the arm drag counts they will have to acknowledge it and defend. Canuto utilizes a 2 on 1 sleeve grip, lifts his hips to load the grip, and then drops his hips as he pulls the sleeve across his body. This is a technique in its own right and can be practiced as such. After the arm drag we are waiting for the reaction we need to change directions and force our opponent to their back for the sweep.

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The sweeping motion has to be done in time with the opponent’s pull to retract their arm. The better the timing the more leverage you can generate enough force needed to finish the sweep. If the timing is off the opponent will have a better chance of countering the hip bump. Again, the sleeve grip plays an important role because it is once again used to cause the opponent’s body to become off balance.

Now we get to Renato’s finish. Throughout the technique he manipulates the sleeve grip he starts with. After landing in the mount he does not relinquish the grip, instead he pulls it across his body. This permits him to slide under his opponent’s shoulder, and into S mount. From here it’s arm bar time. Canuto utilizes the strong sleeve grip to feed his opponents hand across their midline and under his armpit. Under the arm armbars are very controlling and the tap comes very fast so keep that in mind so you don’t hurt your training partner.

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