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Check Out This Sneaky EBI Proven Submission By The Incomparable Craig Jones

Check Out This Sneaky EBI Proven Submission By The Incomparable Craig Jones


The TJ Pass By Craig Jones

Who is Craig Jones? Craig was born on July 17, 1991 in Adelaide, South Australia.  He began training in his cousin, Matt Jones’ BJJ academy named ISOHEALTH at the age of 15 in 2006. At one point, Craig sold his car and dropped out of school to facilitate his grappling dream.  As a purple belt, he joined the Maromba Academy in Melbourne (later named Absolute MMA. Jones earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Lachlan Giles. Craig still fights out of Australia with Absolute MMA yet also trains quite frequently with the Danaher Death Squad in NYC.

Craig is best known for his savage leg attacks. However, he is well versed in a variety of submissions. He submitted Leandro Lo from the back and Murilo Santana with a triangle. He came very close to finishing the great Gordon Ryan with an arm bar at EBI 14. Additionally, Craig holds victories over Nathan Orchard, Darrah Oconaill, and Chael Sonnen, Keenan Cornelius, Kit Dale, Marcel Goncalves, Jake Shields, Rousimar Palhares and Matheus Dini. In addition to these impressive victories, Craig’s resume has the following accomplishments: Polaris 185 lbs. Champion, Polaris 205 lbs. Champion, AFBJJ Pan-Pacific Champion weight and Absolute Purple Belt 2014, EBI Absolute finalist, UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Bronze Medalist Brown Belt, multiple time EBI veteran, ADCC veteran and 3x ADCC Trials winner, SUG 5 Super Fight Winner and Kasai 2 185lbs 3rd Place.  Jones is still growing as a grappler and it is exciting to watch his evolution. Craig’s rapid rise to fame has garnered him comparisons to the great Eddie Bravo.

Besides his impressive Jiu Jitsu accomplishments, Craig holds a degree in Behavioral Science. His education and grappling accomplishments makes him well suited to teach. He is able to present information in a clear manner. He spends a great deal of time articulating the details necessary to make a technique successful. It is these attributes that make him one of BJJ Fanatics bestselling instructors.

Learn the secrets of the leg lock game from the legendary Craig Jones!




In this video Craig explains the submission he used against Aaron “Tex” Johnson at EBI 14. With great detail, Mr. Jones explains the Heel hook. Next, Craig explores a pass he could have leveraged if Tex’s reactions been different.  Craig stepped his foot across the center line and under Tex’s butt. Mr. Jones explains one reason for this cross positions is it mitigates the risks from the De La Riva based attacks. Craig had his opponent’s leg scooped up under his arm feigning an outside heel hook. Mr. Jones explained that Tex was concerned about the leg lock on the leg he had control of.  Like a good boxer, that was the jab to set up his cross.  Tex’s opposite leg was floating.  With his free hand he scooped Tex’s floating leg at the knee line. Next he transitions his grip from Tex’s ankle and posted onto the mat. He then back stepped cross his second leg behind the lead leg into an x. Note how Mr. Jones states the correct way to finish is to point his knees to the sky and bridge up. Craig was able to secure the tap with one hand but often times the traditional Gable grip finish is necessary.

Mr. Jones explains that there is also a beautiful pass from that position had Tex been tighter with his leg. If the leg was tight, Craig could have secured an under hook then opted for the traditional knee cut pass. There are some important details on the pass emphasized by Mr. Jones. One key is to stretch groin. This can be done by driving your opponent’s knee down with one side and pushing his opposite leg to the mat. Craig advocates securing the grip with your toes and then windshield whipper your leg out. Craig also likes to cross face to created added discomfort. This sequence is an excellent example on how to use leg locks to pass your opponent’s guard as well as a great leg lock finish. Well done Craig.

This video is a fine example of Craig’s ability to explain a move in a clear and easy to understand fashion. His educational background, clear yet detailed communication and expert knowledge of grappling with a focus on triangles, z guard, back attacks and leg locks make him an exceptional teacher. Like Eddie Bravo, Craig Jones became a household name in grappling almost overnight. Craig is just getting started. The future is certainly bright for this young grappler.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn from the talent that is taking the grappling world by storm.

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