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Do I Need To Train In The Gi To Become More Technical?

Do I Need To Train In The Gi To Become More Technical?


A brief exploration on the old adage…

It is a common statement within the Jiu Jitsu community that training in the gi will make your game more technical. A major facet of this idea is that it is easier to physically control someone in the gi. Consequently, one has to rely on technique over strength when training in the gi.

In my limited experience, I believe this is partly true. I would argue that gi training is great for building defense but nogi is better for building offense. My rationale is this. In the gi, there are a greater number of submissions. That coupled with the fact that it is easier to control an opponent in the gi grants the advantage to the attacker. The individual playing defense has to have superior technical ability to defeat those inherit advantages. This is how the gi strengthens defense.

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Diametrically, nogi it is physically harder to control an opponent. Additionally, there are a reduced number of submissions available. These two facets require the individual running offense a higher degree of technical ability to garner a submission than in the gi. This would consequently make nogi great choice develop offense.

This is just my humble opinion. It does not represent the opinion of BJJ Fanatics. I know that I am probably in the minority on this one.

There are a number of other arguments on the advantages and disadvantages of training gi/nogi. What is your favorite way to train and why?

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