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Johnatha Alves Shocks Again

Johnatha Alves Shocks Again


Up And Coming BJJ Brown Belt Wins Big In South Korea!

This past weekend, at the Spyder Invitational Finals in South Korea, brown belt sensation Johnatha Alves, shocked again as he defeated another black belt world champion in the finals of the tournament.

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Back in July 21, 2018, he was able to defeat the current IBJJF black belt world champion Jamil Hill-Taylor (0-0, by advantage), and on this weekend, he was able to defeat 2015 IBJJ black belt world champion, Paulo Miyao, 2-0.  During the match, Alves pulled guard and controlled the match until he was able to come up for a takedown on Paulo for two points.

BJJ Background

Johnatha was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1999.  He began training BJJ at the age of 9 years old under coach Caio Izidro, also known as Jacare (alligator).  In 2016, Alves, now a juvenile blue belt competitor, applied to the Believe & Achieve Jiu Jitsu Program.  This program was founded by Guillherme and Rafael Mendes in 2015 and it was geared towards providing juvenile athletes, ages 15 to 17, full room and board and training at their Art of Jiu Jitsu academy, as well as fully funded travel and tournament registration fees.

In his first year with the Mendes brothers, Alves won double gold at Europeans, Pans, and Worlds as a juvenile.  However, he then suffered a severe shoulder injury, which required surgery and extensive rehab.  After not competing for close to one year, he came back and won the IBJJF World championships in the adult blue belt division, winning all seven matches by submission.  At the podium, the Mendes brothers promoted him to purple belt.

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Guillerme Mendes stated, “Save the name, I’m telling you…I’ve been training a long time.  I’ve seen a lot of good people, and I can count on one hand, the people that have really surprised me and he is one of them. “

Alves later went on to win Silver Medal at the Purple Belt World Championships in 2017, and on June 25, 2018, Johnatha was promoted to brown belt by Guillherme- less than one month before his historic win over Jamil Hill-Taylor.

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