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Ethan Crelinsten Continues to Rise with an Amazing Performance at ADCC East Coast Trials

Ethan Crelinsten Continues to Rise with an Amazing Performance at ADCC East Coast Trials

Renzo Gracie Team Member Wins Grappling "Olympic" Trials!

The buzz from ADCC East Coast Trials is still very strong. The upsets, the underdogs, and even a story about a gentleman that’s only been training for 6 months taking bronze! The trials lived up to much of the hype surrounding it, and some up and coming competitors looking to blaze a trail for themselves now have one of the biggest accolades in grappling to add to their resume.

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Ethan Crelinsten is one of these athletes. His performance this weekend was sharp, and as close to perfect as you can possibly get. Crelinsten secured a gold medal in the 66KG division at the trials, submitting 4 opponents and winning via points in the final bout. This is an impressive feat and highly regarded accomplishment for any grappler. Crelinsten is no stranger to ADCC competition, this is his second gold medal at ADCC trials. But for Crelinsten this gold medal may be a little sweeter with these trials being touted as the most stacked in history.

Crelinsten is part of the next generation of blue basement talent coming out of the Renzo Gracie academy and Tristar Gym. He’s not new to the high-level grappling competition scene by any means. He’s already amassed an impressive list of accomplishments, but with his head-turning performance at the trials and his growing list of victories over some big names, we might be hearing his name a little more frequently from this point forward.

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So, what are Ethan’s plans after winning ADCC gold? In an interview with Flo Grappling directly after the competition Crelinsten said hell be looking to eat lots of pizza and get back to the mat ASAP. Crelinsten will turn his sights immediately to Kasai Pro 4 which will be held this coming weekend. He’ll be in the mix with a slew of other big names, as he looks to come out on top at his second prestigious competition in a week. Congratulations and good luck Ethan Crelinsten!

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