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Do You Have Patient Jiu Jitsu?

Do You Have Patient Jiu Jitsu?


It turns out that patience is a virtue on the mats, as well as off.  In a martial art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, how can patience be an effective skill to develop and how can it impact our BJJ performance?

Patience and the Newer Student

When we're first starting out and learning new techniques, its all too common to go for things before we have adequately set up the technique or position.  How many times as a white belt do we sit back too early for the armbar without securing our control on the arm?  Or have you ever found yourself yanking and pulling at someone's arm when you have them in side control, trying to force their limbs into the proper configuration you need for a kimura or americana?

The earlier we learn to develop the patience to properly set up a technique before we attempt the finish, the better our control will be and the more likely we will secure the submission we are looking for.  Having the patience to address all of the escape routes and weak points in your set up will greatly improve your ability to address issues as they arise and make sure your opponent stays where you need them to stay.

Too many times, newer students try to "ta da" their way through a move.  They think if they explode or "leap" into a technique that they will sometimes surprise their training partners or opponents.  A savvy opponent will simply and calmly weather the "surprise attack" which wasn't really a surprise and patiently set up their next move.

Patience and the Older Student

Patience becomes a crucial asset that must be exercised as you get older as a grappler.  Rolling with those younger, more athletic opponents can be overwhelming if you try to keep pace with them.  They might not be better than you, but they may be faster, stronger, or more explosive.  Your patience will become your best weapon against these students.  By staying as calm as you possibly can and setting up the technique properly, you will slow them down and eliminate their escape routes and catch these new dogs with your old tricks.

In the video below, five time world champion Bernardo Faria shares his thoughts on the importance of patience is one's BJJ game plan.


If you're looking for more on the patient game of Bernardo Faria, check out his newest instructional series focused on one of his favorite submissions, the omoplata!  In his "Omoplata Everyone" series available in On Demand or DVD format here, you will learn all of the secrets that have gotten Bernardo to the top of the BJJ podiums around the world.



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