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Dominate the Stand Up Game

Dominate the Stand Up Game


Let Jimmy Pedro help with your take down strategy!

Establishing and controlling dominant grips has been a big development recently in BJJ. Grips have always been used, but in the recent years much more time and effort has been spent actually explaining the mechanics of gripping. The method of gripping that has been most expounded on is when the fight is already on the floor. But what about standing? Can't I just pull guard?


Not if Jimmy Pedro has your sleeve. Jimmy Pedro is a multiple time Olympic medalist as well as world champion. As far as American's go he might just be the most important representative in Judo. Some of his pupils have also found success at the highest level. Travis Stevens, Rhonda Rousey, and Kayla Harrison are some of his highest achieving students. 

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In this video with Bernardo a heavy emphasis is placed on not being complacent with our opponent's grips. Far to often Jiu-Jitsu people are OK with their opponent establishing a collar grip. Surely it isn't the end of the battle, but it could be the beginning of the end. If a grip is established it should be addressed, the problem is in addressing the grip your opponent got has forced you to focus on a micro battle instead of the macro battle taking place. 

Another great detail Pedro takes time to point out is how he pulls the slack out of the sleeve to better control Faria's hand. This attention to detail is what makes your game better. It's not simply grabbing the sleeve. It's obtaining the most beneficial grip possible so YOU can control the flow of the fight. 

As Bernardo points out that he feels like pulling guard right away. This is because of how dominant the grip that Pedro establishes is. A major benefit of having a strong gripping game is the discomfort you place on your opponent. Making them uncomfortable will either lead to a take down or your opponent conceding the battle by pulling guard. If the opponent pulls guard this can be beneficial as well, because they won't be pulling guard with any grips!

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