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More Helpful No Gi Guard Passing Tips with Lachlan Giles!

More Helpful No Gi Guard Passing Tips with Lachlan Giles!


More Great Technique With Lachlan Giles!

I was hoping this series would continue with Lachlan Giles. Recently, Giles has released a set of comprehensives videos on passing the closed guard in no gi. For me personally they’ve been really helpful to watch.

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Giles has taken some of the most common road blocks and scenarios for no gi passing and displayed them in an easy to understand format. Dealing with, opening, and passing the closed guard without the gi presents its own set of unique challenges. In this video, Giles gets to opening the closed guard, and discusses some of the common problems you might run in to. Take a look!

Giles controls the biceps as he begins to stand up. He notes the importance of staggering his stance when doing so. This will keep his partner from being able to trap both legs, as it will be much easier to deal with the trapping of one leg. He explains 4 different scenarios here. Let’s take a look at each one.

  1. As Giles stands, his partner reaches under his leg that’s forward in his stance. To combat this, Giles crowds his partner and twists his hips in order to take the steam and momentum out of the mechanics for the sweep. Depending on the configuration of his opponent’s feet, Giles will either push down on his partners shin, or thread his arm through to unlock his partners feet.
  2. If Giles succumbs to the first reversal attempt, he’s sure to not fall in the direction his partner hopes to take him in. He instead falls to his other shin, thwarting the sweep and thus getting a second chance to build his base back up and try again.
  3. In the even that his partner should get control of both ankles, Giles quickly pushes his hips forward to again steal the momentum required to cause a reversal. As he folds his partner and essentially takes a seat on his hamstrings, he can then get rid of the legs in a variety of ways, and continue on to pass the guard.
  4. If Giles he gets caught in an imminent double ankle sweep, he must kick one of his feet forward and out of his partners clutches to have a chance at regaining his balance an stopping the reversal.

I hope these videos are making their way around, especially with the beginners. These are some very common themes that could certainly help anyone looking to up their no gi passing percentages. Get to work!

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