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Dream Chasin’ with Craig Jones

Dream Chasin’ with Craig Jones


Aussie captures BJJ World's Attention 

We’ve all heard this story of triumph how a relative unknown shocked the BJJ world by beating three of the very best grapplers on earth in spectacular fashion. Some of the finer details makes this story even better. In this mini documentary Craig Jones goes over some of the sacrifices he has made on his BJJ journey.

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Between dropping out of university and selling his car to assist his BJJ dreams, Mr. Jones surely had no shortage of people telling him it was a bad idea to pursue his dreams. All things considered he made the right choice. From relative obscurity to selling Down Under Leg Attacks instructional Mr. Jones has made quite a name for himself. So how do we know it’s the right move to chase our dreams?

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The short answer is that you won’t. Craig Jones made a choice follow his dreams. He made the choice to drop out of college. He made the choice to sell his car to fund his grappling endeavors. Surely he was met face first with doubt and negativity about giving up on his post-secondary studies. The decision to chase your dreams has to come from intrinsic motivation.

Feeling that pull in a specific direction of your dreams is hard to ignore. It is also easy to distinguish from short term aspirations. It is a deep seeded feeling deep in our psyche that says “go for it”. If you find yourself thinking about your passion when you wake up and before you go to bed there is a good chance you are pinpointing what you truly should be doing with your life.

Thankfully for us Craig Jones went after his passion and pursued his dreams like Palhares pursing a heel hook, or rather Jones himself pursing a heel hook. This December Craig Jones finds himself across from a familiar opponent in the great Keenan Cornelius at Polaris. This bout is for the light heavyweight title. If Craig is able to pull out the victory, he will be Polaris’s first double champ simultaneously holding the middle and light heavyweight belts.

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