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High Crotch Single Leg By Yuri Simoes

High Crotch Single Leg By Yuri Simoes


Effective takedown from ADCC Champ 

Wrestling is a must in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu whether you are pursuing MMA, competition, or even just self-defense. Because BJJ involves various submissions and chokes, we must find takedowns that are quick, require little energy, and help us avoid getting stuck in guillotines and other submissions. One of the best takedowns that has all three attributes when applied correctly is the single leg.

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Although there are many variants of the single leg takedown, some are more effective than others. Of all the different ways of finishing this simple wrestling technique, the high crotch version provides the greatest amount of safety in regard to getting caught in chokes. In the following video, black belt Yuri Simoes goes over how he likes to finish this extremely effective takedown.


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Because this high crotch single does not require a standard wrestling “shot,” it is generally easier to get ahold of compared to the classic single leg takedown. It is very important that when the leg is grabbed that it is hugged very tightly and pulled in. If there is enough space, a defender can stomp down prompting a release of the grip. Another important detail is to keep the posture strong and head high because a defender could push the head down and kick the leg away. One last thing, and Yuri does not mention this, is to pinch the trapped legs as is done with most single leg finishes.


This takedown is also useful because the finish does not require explosive strength or a require one to lift their opponent, even though some people teach it that way. Rather, all it takes is a rotation and downward force to get the defended to collapse to the ground. Finishing the takedown like this also prevents one from getting pulled into closed guard or half guard. If you are new to takedowns, I highly recommend starting with this technique as it is simple, effective, and safe.

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