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How To Escape Everything In Jiu-JItsu

How To Escape Everything In Jiu-JItsu


Learn How to Escape The Worst BJJ Submissions

Escaping jiu-jitsu submissions and dominating positions is one of the frustrating and challenging parts of BJJ, MMA or any sort of grappling.

There is NOTHING f-ing worse than having a 25 year old, 250lb beast who smells like last night's ball sweat grinding you into the mat for 6 minutes or even worse the guy that consistently submits you over and over and over with the same thing! 

You know that feeling, getting tortured, watching the clock while questioning why you even pay to do this stupid Jiu-Jitsu crap anyways.  
The problem is that in most Jiu-Jitsu classes, not a lot of time is spent purely on learning escaping submissions.  Yes we do drills, movements and warm-ups that help the muscle memory, and yes there are PLENTY of opportunities to work your escapes during rolling; but think about it, how often are you focusing on escaping submissions or bad positions?

Here's a way to think about it - what if learning how to escape back control or guillotines was equally as cool as learning a .... single leg x sweep?  Would you be training escapes more?  

The frustrating thing when learning escapes, is that we don't have enough answers.  Every now and then someone will give a good tip on how to get out of something; but since we don't spend a lot of time learning how to escape submissions or dominant BJJ positions - most of us just end up feeling stuck and tap.

When talking about escaping jiu-jitsu submissions, think about how much more confident you would feel in your game if you just KNEW that you could escape everything?  That no matter what anyone did to you, you could just get out of it?  Imagine all the cool Jiu-Jitsu you could do you just didn't have to worry about getting stuck, choked or snapped?

Learn How To Escape & Counter The Best Submission Artists, Click To Learn More

Well, when we think of "jiu-jitsu escape artist", one of our favorites is Bill "The Grill" Cooper.  If you don't know who Bill is, he's a black belt from the Paragon jiu-jitsu academy and one of the most exciting competitors in BJJ, sub grappling and MMA.  

When you watch Bill fight, you can tell that he has that confidence that he can escape and counter whatever is thrown at him.  He trusts in his Jiu-Jitsu to "find a way out".

Bill "The Grill" Cooper also has a sick DVD / on-demand set called.... ESCAPES!  He goes over how to escape basically every submission: armbars, chokes, omoplata, guillotines, etc.  He also has TONS of little golden nuggets of tips / concepts that stick with you and easy to recall when you need them.
It's one of those rare DVD sets that just by watching it, your Jiu-Jitsu will get better.



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