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Savage Submission Escapes

Savage Submission Escapes


There is an unwritten rule in BJJ, according to Tom DeBlass, where training partners and even opponents tacitly agree to "trade techniques" back and forth, with one person attempting a technique and the other person attempting an escape or counter.  This non-verbal and diplomatic way to approach jiu jitsu can create a somewhat passive approach to your game.  It's time to add some savage to your game, especially in your philosophical approach to escapes.

In the video below from Tom DeBlass' forthcoming instructional from BJJ Fanatics, "Submission Escapes" he brings his unique style to the kimura escape when in an opponent's closed guard.  There are a number of common DeBlass principles or rules that we can pull from this video.  Check out the technique and then let's take a look at the rules.

DeBlass Rule #1

Reverse the Dynamics of the technique--It is crucial to understand fully the dynamics of the technique you are working to escape or defend.  In this case, it's important to understand that our opponent needs are arm to be "away from" our bodies.  In addition, once they have isolated our arms and moved them into this vulnerable position away from our bodies, their power to finish the technique requires that the angle of their body allow them to push straight up and away from their chest/torso area much like a bench press.

DeBlass shows how he would address the isolated arm by grabbing the inside of his own thigh and drive his shoulders into the opponent to change the angle of the upward thrust to take away it's power.

DeBlass Rule #2

 Give People a Reason to Stop Doing What They Are Doing-- In typical Tom DeBlass fashion, his jiu jitsu advice can be applied to every area of one's life, just as his advice on living a positive life can be applied to one's jiu jitsu game.  To put some savage into your escapes, you must give the opponent a reason to stop what they are doing.  

DeBlass Rule #3

Make Your Defense Offensive--Our mindset must be not just to counter a technique, trading moves back and forth, but instead to be constantly on the offensive (even when being defensive) and make them feel uncomfortable at all times.

Tom DeBlass' "Submission Escapes" BJJ 3 volume BJJ instructional will be available very soon from .  In this series, he will share multiple escapes from all of the hardest to escape positions.  Soon your training partners and opponents will be calling you Houdini.

While you wait, don't forget to check out Tom's best selling "Half Domination" series here where he shares all of the details of his favorite position, the half guard.  And get yourself ready for those New Years resolutions with his "12 Weeks to Ripped" system that will get you in the best shape of your life.





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