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Khabib Vs. GSP In The Works

Khabib Vs. GSP In The Works


Potential dream matchup being hinted


It has been an exciting time for Khabib Nurmogomedov and his fans around the world. His victory against Conor McGregor put him on the center stage for MMA news, even after the post-fight drama died down. On October 29th, the official MMA Team Dagestan twitter posted about a potential match with Georges St-Pierre being in the works. This post came a day after Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, made a post saying that big news is to come for Khabib.

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St-Pierre, arguable the best welterweight fighter of all time, has not fought since UFC 217 back in November of last year. Georges put on a very entertaining fight against Michael Bisping, beating him by rear naked choke in the third round for the Middleweight belt. This fight occurred after a four-year hiatus GSP took after defeating Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167 with a split-decision victory giving him the Welterweight belt. GSP has not lost a single fight since losing to Matt Serra in 2007, whom he later defeated by TKO one year later.


Much has been vague regarding Khabib’s MMA future with thoughts of him even leaving the UFC. Khabib was in dismay with the UFC for the way they treated him after the incident that occurred after his most recent fight against Conor McGregor. There have also been some talks about a potential rematch with Conor but does not appear favorable. With this news however, it is likely that Khabib will continue his career with the UFC for the time being.

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If this fight comes to fruition, it can be another huge fight for the UFC in the last year. GSP, who is known for his wrestling skills and being an all-around great fighter, might prove to be more difficult for Khabib than Conor was. The age difference and Khabib’s ferocity do make him favorable for the win. Regardless, this fight between one of the UFC’s greatest fighters of all time against their potentially greatest grappler will be both entertaining and lucrative. I do not expect this fight to happen by the end of 2018, but would most likely occur in the Spring of next year.

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