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Over Under Pass Success: What’s Missing?

Over Under Pass Success: What’s Missing?


The over under pass has been a staple for years in the arsenals of many of the best BJJ athletes ever to walk the earth. Bernardo Faria has certainly done his fair share in making the over under pass the acclaimed superstar that it is. Faria has released a boatload of game changing content on the subject, and it is helpful to say the least.

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Like any other technique we hope to master, the over under pass has its own set of inner workings that make it tick. It’s a versatile pass, and can be applied from just about any passing scenario you can think of.

In this video, Stephen Kesting gets a moment with Bernardo to help him fine tune his over under mechanics. If you’ve been struggling with the technique, you may find something here that can help tighten up your over under pass, and give you a higher success rate. Take a look.

Faria covers three different ideas here:

  1. The over side arm must be tucked deep to prevent the kimura. Closing off this gap is important in not allowing access to the arm. Keep your elbow tucked and closed. In this particular situation the leg will have to be straightened to complete the pass. Faria suggests walking the leg over just a bit before stuffing it through. This allows for a more aligned track to push the leg into the space, and also keeps the arm from being exposed to attack.
  2. This next fix is an answer to a very common dilemma during the execution of the over under. Upon completing the pass, we often meet resistance in trying to obtain the head or any other secure anchor to make the pass stick. To remedy this particular issue Faria suggests our under-side hand should travel to the opposite side pants of our partner. We then gain control of some material near our opponents’ triceps and open him like a curtain. This will gain us access to a solid side control position, stop guard retention, and allow us to get anchored.
  3. To gain maximum pressure for the pass, Faria suggests that Kesting turn his hips slightly rather than being up on his toes and with square hips. Create an angle with the hips that forces a situation where your partner is bearing more of your weight.

These are some great ways to sure up your over under pass. Every little thing helps! Thank you, Bernardo Faria!

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