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Drill for Excellence with Tom DeBlass

Drill for Excellence with Tom DeBlass


Training with purpose in your jiu-jitsu practice can be incredibly beneficial. What do I mean by that?

Entering practice, a with a plan or an idea of what you hope to accomplish in your training session can help you to focus and get you results. Maybe there’s a particular submission that your trying to become more efficient with, or an area of your game that that seems to be lacking. Maybe tonight in training you’re just going to let everyone attack you, and do your best to survive. These are just a couple of examples, but you can see what I’m getting at.

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Sometimes when we roll, and we place too much emphasis on winning, our game can get stagnate, and we can begin to develop loops in our training that seem to continually repeat themselves. Maybe these loops are successful, but maybe they also contain some bad habits that we’d like to correct.

Another great way to correct bad habits, is to drill. I’ve found in my own training that incessant drilling of particular movements can help correct some of the deficiencies we create in our game, and give us some ways to sure-up our movement.

Often times at the end of the night, instead of rolling that last round, I’ll pick a partner drill, or multiple drills to finish the night off. Choosing drills that shine a spotlight on where I may be lacking can help bring some more fluidity and efficiency to my jiu-jitsu.

Another way to utilize drills may be during a period where you’re injured. None of us want to fall behind right? But if you have an injury that prevents you from participating in live training, partner drills may be the answer. This kind of drilling offers us a way to keep moving but without the unpredictability of a live training scenario. Grab a partner you trust, pick a drill that doesn’t aggravate your injury and get to work. You can keep your cardio up, stay active, and turn your time off in to a productive endeavor.

Its actually quite a fun process. If you’ve got an area that needs fixing, I can guarantee you there’s a drill out there to aid in the quest to fix it.

So, where can you find drills like this? Tom DeBlass has you covered. He’s got an instructional series that will provide you with a multitude of drills from several different positions and settings. I’ve personally used several of them in my own training, and I’ve been really pleased with the results.

Let’s take a look at a segment from the series. This particular drill provides us with an arm attack chain from top side control. Have a look!

DeBlass begins by clearing the bottom frame, which is necessary to begin attacking from side control. He uses a classic method of sitting through to do so, and now he’s able to establish a good side control. With the far arm still framing, DeBlass controls the elbow, pinching it tight, and trapping it with his own wrist. He then swims his other arm through and begins to secure an Americana lock.

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As his partner defends the attack by straightening his arm, DeBlass moves with the defense and turns the Americana in to a straight arm lock. As his partner continues to defend the sequence, his arm has now traveled down toward his hips. This gives DeBlass the opportunity to cup the arm and pull his elbow up over top of his partner’s body. DeBlass then circles around to a north south position with his knees encapsulating his partners head, and begins to lock a kimura grip.

From this juncture DeBlass can easily slide his knee down his partner’s back and begin pursuing an arm bar. As his partner attempts to roll out of the arm bar using a hitchhike style escape, DeBlass funnels him directly in to an omoplata. His partner the begins to posture up to relieve the pressure on his shoulder, which lands him squarely in a triangle choke to finish the sequence.

DeBlass challenges us to perform this drill for 10 minutes straight, using perfect grips, and proper mechanics through the sequence. This will no doubt produce tangible results that you’ll see in your own game, and provide you with an excellent workout.

Give this drill a shot and see if you can bring up some weak spots in your game.

There’s plenty more where that came from!

Professor DeBlass has your drilling and warm up covered!. These are great movement-based exercises that you can use to warm up, flow roll, or do on your own time to stay active and engaged on your own. Check out the DVD "Solo And Partner Grappling Drills For Rapid Improvement". BJJ Fanatics has it here!



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