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The Classic Cross Choke By Luis Heredia

The Classic Cross Choke By Luis Heredia


When you speak of purity you have to consider the source. Typically the further from the source you get the less pure something becomes. When it comes to Jiu-Jitsu you can get much closer to the source than Luis Heredia. Luis is a Rickson Gracie Black Belt! Talk about source material!

One of the original “Gracie Train” members, Heredia has been on the mat for decades. In that time he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and is ready to share it with us folks further from the source. Pure Jiu-Jitsu looks to provide insight for all grapplers but specifically older grapplers looking for an edge against their faster more athletic training partners.

If you want to learn from a Rickson Gracie Black Belt, original member of the famed Gracie Train, and multiple time Pan Am Champ Click Learn More!


The Classic Cross Choke

Rock solid fundamentals are sure to throw a wrench in any wild youngin’s plans. Pure Jiu-Jitsu looks to provide those foundational strategies that Luis has refined. A perfect example is Heredia’s approach to the classic cross choke from closed guard. Check it out below!

For many this is one of the first Gi chokes (check also The Devil Is In The Details Gi Chokes by Paul Tom) they will learn. Overtime we can forget the classics, and when called upon to perform them we slip on the key details. Heredia provides a 7 minute master class explaining the finer details of how to perform the Cross Choke. If you liked the little details about how he is twisting his hand a specific way or how Luis articulates the nuances of the technique Pure Jiu-Jitsu is for you. Check also The Triangle Choke Basics To Advanced by Joao Chiozz or Triangle Chokes From Everywhere by Antonio Carlos Junior

Pure Jiu-Jitsu covers everything from the cross choke to passing spider guard. Luis Heredia can provide insight that many would refer to as invisible Jiu-Jitsu. Certain details aren’t as evident as a specific grips. Some details can be imperceptible. Heredia shines a light on those invisible details in Pure Jiu-Jitsu!



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