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Easy Back Take From De La Riva

Easy Back Take From De La Riva


The Easy Berimbolo...The BABYBolo!

The Da Liva Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most popular and most utilized positions when someone is playing from their back. The numerous transitions, sweeps, and submission potential makes this guard dangerous even against skilled guard passers. Although this position has been around for many years, it was made widely popular after grapplers like Rafael Mendes and the Miyao brothers displayed its potential in competition. Although not all practitioners play from this guard a lot, it is important to know at least a few techniques for guard success.

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One of the most common uses of the De La Riva guard is for transitioning to berimbolos for back-takes. Many grapplers, especially new ones, shy away from the De La Riva guard because the berimbolo is a very complex technique requiring a lot of dexterity and flexibility. Fortunately, there is a shortcut to the berimbolo that any grappler can use to take the back of their partners. The technique, the babybolo, will be displayed in the following short video.

The traditional berimbolo requires that the top player falls to the ground through a sweep. A lot of times, however, sweeping to the required position is difficult. The babybolo bypasses the sweeping part. It also places the guard player in a similar position under the hips as the berimbolo does except the defender is standing. This technique requires little flexibility compared to its parent move making it easy for grapplers of any size and skill level.

One important tip when your doing this technique is after getting the back, make sure you have full control of the defender’s hips by grabbing the belt or pants. Anytime you move your grip in this position, make sure you do it one hand at a time. Although they start with a collar grip in the video, I find using ankle and belt grip much more effective and easier.

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This technique can also be made in a drill that we use often in our academy. Starting the technique in the same way, allow the top person to take a step back so that you end up in the guard but on the other side. From here, keep doing the technique on each side for a certain amount of time to improve muscle memory and technique success.

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