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Defending the No Gi High Guard Armbar with Lachlan Giles

Defending the No Gi High Guard Armbar with Lachlan Giles


A Simple No-Gio Technique That Will Help Your Closed Guard Defense

So, as an addendum to yesterday’s piece about how to deal with being inside the closed guard in no gi, Lachlan Giles presents us with another idea. This time he touches on defending the armlock position, particularly from the high guard. In a no gi setting the high guard is quite useful due to its extreme constriction of the shoulder, and massive control over the posture of the top partner. When things get slippery in a no gi match the high guard will certainly be a go to for all of its excellent properties of control and isolation. Here, Giles speaks a bit about what to do if you get stuck in a high guard situation. Have a look! 


Giles first explains the dangers of posturing up or pulling away, as this straightens our arm even further assisting our opponent in completing the lock. The stack will be the preferred method of defense, but there will be an important middle ground that Giles suggest we stay in when we begin to stack our opponent. If we stack too heavy or at the wrong angle a sweep or a finish will be imminent, and our situation will quickly go from bad to worse.

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Supporting his arm that’s under attack with the opposite hand Giles stacks towards his partners head, making sure to not compromise his balance in the process. He’ll then look to slip the elbow into the pocket of the hip to produce a bend in the arm, making it less attackable. The shoulder will follow the elbow releasing the arm from danger. At this point Giles can square his partner back down and return to a neutral potion.

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The kicker here is going to be that middle ground area when we stack our partner. There are dangers on all sides of that perfect position we’ll have to locate to make this defense successful. You’ll need to put some time into this and make sure you understand what that position feels like when you’re under attack. This is a highly common attacking platform especially in no gi. Make understanding and defending it a priority!

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