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Invest in Your BJJ Family

Invest in Your BJJ Family


We Are All Working Towards Our Goals. Let's Help Each Other Out...

IF your BJJ academy feels like a family to you, then you’re in the right place. Many people search their entire lives for the things BJJ can provide. We all feel the need for connection to others, the satisfaction of accomplishment, and the need to feel that we’re doing our part to make something better. These are inherent human things that when provided can enrich the lives of any person. Luckily BJJ, and the right environment can provide them all.

Great things happen inside our little community. You discover the talents and professions of others, and support them. You share in important moments with your BJJ family, such as weddings, kids’ birthdays, etc. It becomes a support system that everyone can count on. We’re all there for the same reason; to get better. We’re all united for a common goal. Being surrounded by a group of people that share the same ambitions and wish to see them through in the company of others can be an extremely healthy way to spend a good portion of your time.

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Of course, not everyone that walks through the door is looking for a second family. Maybe this doesn’t interest every practitioner that steps on the mat, but I find it difficult to understand why this wouldn’t appeal to most humans.

Get to know your classmates and learn about the people your spending so much time with. You have a rare opportunity to develop some very strong and beneficial relationships with them. It could as simple as one day needing your car fixed. That guy you have really tough rolls with, he may be a mechanic. You have the opportunity to put money in someone’s pocket which in turn may help them keep training, and enjoying this art that has become so important to the way we tick. Or maybe you’ll be in greater need of friendship one day when your navigating a darker time in your life. These are just examples of course, and the scope is much larger than anyone might imagine. But you have to dig in to find out.

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Invest in the people at your academy, and they will invest in you, and in others. This will create a culture that no one will prefer to be without, and provide these things we all wish to experience as humans.

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