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Easy Half Lasso Sweep from Lucas Leite

Easy Half Lasso Sweep from Lucas Leite


When working your standard half guard with a strong knee shield, one of the most common things that your opponent will try to do is lace their arm under the knee shield and connect themselves to either the mat or their opponent's bottom leg.  

This leg lace position affords them some very good control by allowing them to base their weight on the bottom half player's thigh, while also keeping themselves heavy on the knee shield.  Lastly the hip movement and ability to extend the legs is compromised.  With this control, the top player's passing game can be initiated.

In the video below from Lucas Leite and BJJ Fanatics, Leite shows a slick half lasso sweep which can be very effective even when the top player is controlling the lapel, or even controlling the head.  Check it out below.

 Despite the immense control that the leg weave affords the top player, Leite is easily able to secure grips on both the sleeve that is weaving underneath the knee shield and grabbing the far pant leg.  Once the grips are secured, all it takes is some hip adjustment and turning the knee shield knee out and away and turning the bottom knee up, and the opponent is swept.

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