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Edwin Najmi In At Polaris 11

Edwin Najmi In At Polaris 11



Edwin Najmi has found a way to keep busy with the lead up to ADCC, and not with an easy tune up match! Najmi will be taking on Mansher Khera for the Welterweight Polaris title. Polaris is a professional grappling event that takes place in the UK. Overall the August 31st event is stacked top to bottom, but many eyes will be focused on Mr. Mission Submission Edwin Najmi.

Recently Najmi became a F2W champ when he defeated DJ Jackson via unanimous decision. The match started with some intense exchanges on the feet, one of which lead to Edwin falling off the stage! Najmi bounced back and was able to secure DJ’s back and remained there until the match ended. On top of Edwin’s superb submission skills, he also possesses some of the best back control in the game!

Edwin remained on the sideline, sadly, for the Kinetic Team Submission Grappling event held a couple weeks ago in Anaheim. Edwin’s BJJFANATICS teammates were able to keep their streaks alive, so the Fanatics team only required 3 athletes to take out 10 competitors! One thing to note Edwin’s Polaris opponent Mansher Khera took on Kinetic standout Lachlan Giles. Giles was able to secure an early victory off an inside heel hook. Perhaps Edwin also saw some tactics to focus on, but then again Edwin usually only has one thing on his mind the SUBMISSION!

Speaking of submissions. Edwin is NOTORIOUS for his flying triangle. Let’s check out a quick breakdown with the F2W CHAMP!


If you watch any competition footage of Najmi you will surely run across his Flying Triangle. The first innovation Edwin made is his Flying Triangle set up is he switched the commonly used grips. As he explains to Bernardo in the video, most people approach the Flying Triangle by using a sleeve grip, or an overhook. Instead, Edwin elects to get both hands on the collar. Edwin also chooses which collar to grip by his lead leg. In this case, his left leg is forward so he is grabbing the lapel that is on the same side as his lead leg! 

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Everyone has the INFAMOUS Rampage Jackson vs. Arona powerbomb ingrained into their minds when they think triangle. Getting slammed is a very REAL threat, when it is allowed. Many Flying Triangle attempts fail due to head positioning. The fear of falling hard to the mat can lead to the person attempting the technique rocking away from their own triangle. This is an attempt to get closer to the mat and stay safe. Edwin shows us how to overcome this fear AND stay safe!

By using the unique grips on the lapel Edwin is able to easily jump and climb on top of Bernardo’s shoulders. Once his leg is over top of Bernarod’s shoulder he is able to lean away from him towards the floor. Edwin is able to land in a pretty secure top lock over Faria’s shoulders. If head positioning is off during the flight there is a good chance your opponent will be able to posture out of your triangle attempt, due to it not being high enough.

Dealing with the opponent's posture is one of the key factors that determine the success of a triangle. Edwin starts to attack Bernardo’s posture by pushing the knees. As Faria points out, this makes posturing up much more difficult. Once the opponent’s posture is addressed you can use whatever style of triangle finish you like! 

Few competitors today put an emphasis on Submission like Edwin Najmi. Mission Submission is an instructional dedicated to ALL of the Jiu-Jitsu Practitioners out there who are ALWAYS looking to Finish. Go on a 3-part submission mission that covers the ins and outs of the Darce, Triangles, and Footlocks! Learn all of Edwins BEST moves!



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