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Learn The Basics of Sit Up Guard with Alec Baulding!

Learn The Basics of Sit Up Guard with Alec Baulding!



Alec has been steadily building steam on both the Jiu-Jitsu circuit, but also online with his ever-growing YouTube Channel.  So if you are looking for consistent, digestible, and TOP NOTCH instruction from an athlete heading FULL steam into ADCC 2019 his YouTube is what you are looking for! Now onto some basics of the Sit Up Guard. 

The Sit Up Guard is required against those pesky guard passers who choose to stay mobile on their feet. This mobility can offer quite a problem for the inexperienced guard player because it can feel impossible to establish a meaningful grip on your opponent. Check out this tutorial from Alec Baulding, and get your basics of the Sit Up guard COVERED!

Alec has an ENTIRE instructional DEDICATED to guard retention! Click Learn More!


Don’t Overextend!

One major factor to the success of your Sit Up Guard will be how you actually SIT UP! Alec points out that you don’t want your extending leg to get FULLY extended. Keep a slight bend in your leg so you can adapt to your opponent’s movement as you set up the position. Over committing on the leg extension will lead to your opponent being able to disconnect, and as Alec puts it, BUM rush you! Alec is a master of these type of details.

Maintain Control Of The Lead Leg

Most Guard Passers will stagger their stance when implementing their passes. This lead leg need to be controlled while you extend your opponent’s base as you sit up. Alec does this by hugging the leg tight to his chest. If you don’t maintain control of this near side leg, your opponent will have much better control of their balance. 

Disrupt Their Base

Now that you have proper positioning with the Sit Up Guard, it’s important to understand HOW you should be using this position. With sit up guard disrupting your opponent’s base will be a constant theme that is used. By controlling the near leg tight to your chest, and maintaining an appropriate leg extension you can be constantly checking your opponent’s base. Once you can reliably set the position up and disrupt their base you will be finding sweeps left and right. 

This is part 1 in Alec’s series on the Sit Up Guard, so Subscribe to his channel! The Sit Up Guard can be used against multiple passing styles, and can be used by anyone. It provides a reliable option that can provide control over your opponent’s passing attempts and set up your own attacks from the Sit Up Guard. If you are looking for more Alec Baulding instruction GEMS he has an entire instructional focused around Retaining the Guard! 


Alec Baulding teaches the UNTEACHABLE in Keeping The Guard! Keeping and maintaining the guard is one of the deciding factors in MOST MATCHES! Stop your guard from getting passed and if it does....GET IT BACK! Keeping The Guard By Alec Baulding Has you COVERED!



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