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Efficient Single Leg Takedown With Bekzod Abdurkahminov

Efficient Single Leg Takedown With Bekzod Abdurkahminov


Have you ever shot a single leg and known it was not going to be successful?  Do you rarely get the takedown on skilled opponents?

Let’s take a look at a highly Efficient wrestling single leg takedown by Bekzod Abdurkahminov.   Bekzod is an Olympic wrestler who also claimed the silver medal in the worlds for wrestling. In his video he demonstrates the details behind landing an efficient wrestling single leg takedown.  

Like many takedowns, Bekzod likes to get a cupping grip on the base of the head (top of the neck) area and use that a strong control where he can pull as needed.  He then uses his other hand to grab, push pull, and ultimately just distract his opponent.

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Once he secures the grip (inside tie) he uses that to pull his opponent toward the opposite leg he is attacking.  The goal here is to get his opponent to shift their weight off of the leg he is attacking. As he pulls, he begins dropping his level and reaching for the leg.  If we look at the foot movement Bekzod is taking a big step with his lead leg to the outside of his opponent as he is pulling on the head and reaching for the leg.  He uses the term “circling” when describing how to move around the body. If you watch the video you will see that unlike a lot of standard single leg attacks, he is not in front of, or even next to his opponent, but he is almost behind the leg he is attacking.

Being behind the leg he is attacking keeps him out of danger of chokes and other frames that would prevent the takedown from working.  In this position, initially he is hugging the leg that is being attacked with both arms, however he is immediately moving to a position where he is kneeling on both knees about halfway between being next to and being behind the leg.  

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He is cupping the far leg just above the knee with the arm that is behind the opponent, and he is cupping the knee of the leg he is attacking with the other hand. Cupping the knees allows him to control both legs as he then begins to drive into the opponent to finish the takedown.

While there are tons of variations and finishes to the single leg, in my opinion the key is exploring as many as possible and finding which ones fit in your game the best.  Which ones make the most sense to you and are the most effective in live training and competition. There is no disputing Bekzod’s credentials, clearly this single leg carries its weight.  

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