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Enter into the Deep Half Guard with a Tip from Tom DeBlass

Enter into the Deep Half Guard with a Tip from Tom DeBlass


Deep half guard is a very interesting position in BJJ. I personally enjoy transitioning to deep half from many of the common BJJ escapes. It’s a go to for me when escaping the back, or the mount, and ending up there presents lots of different kinds of opportunity. Training with someone that has an extremely proficient deep half guard game can be incredibly frustrating. It can feel like you’re on roller skates for the first time. Those that have mastered the position are able to create an awkward scenario that keeps you guessing until they decide their next course of action.

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Of course, entering deep half can happen in a variety of ways. But one of the more common entries seems to come from the standard half guard position, when we’ve already established the under hook. There is a direct route here to the deep half if we choose to go there. A savvy top player knows this though, and will defend the position. Luckily Tom DeBlass has an answer for you on how to secure the position against a resistant passer. Have a look at this video!

Setting up in half guard, DeBlass focuses on the near leg of his partner. Many times, as we shoot for the deep half, the far leg is the focus, but the top player is aware of this and will keep us from acquiring it. DeBlass uses his topside foot to pull his partners leg out from under him, and then over hooks it. He then connects his hands creating a powerful lock that he can use to pull his partner up on top of him. From here he uses his knees to turn in the opposite direction, as he snakes his arm underneath his partners leg. He now hides his top arm under his partners thigh to cement the position, and from here he can begin to go to work.

We can count on the passer to keep us from securing that far leg. But the close one is right where we need it, and your partner will definitely have a tough time keeping you from controlling it. This is a very strong technique and a fantastic way to enter the deep half.

Tom DeBlass has revolutionized the approach to the Half Guard game. His to the point style works for everyone!




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