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I want all of my students to be better at each belt than I ever was.

I want all of my students to be better at each belt than I ever was.


When a new student walks in the door of an academy, they don’t know what to expect. Chances are, if the atmosphere is right, they will stay, and enjoy a nice long journey, just as many who came before them. They will begin learning, and hopefully fall in love with the process. But, as the roots of an academy begin to grow deeper and the belts become darker the learning process should also become better.

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What is the jiu-jitsu academies’ goal for the new student? Of course, to welcome them, make them feel at home, and to bring them in to the circle. These should all be staples of the new student intake process, but as far as acquiring skill and learning, how do we continue to enhance the learning experience and improve it, alongside these other important concepts?

As an owner and instructor of a BJJ school, my goal is for every crop of white belts to better than the last. My hope is for the path to success to become straighter with less twists and turns. We will never ever be able to remove the struggle from BJJ learning, and I would never want to. The struggle is one of the most important things about the learning process. But my hope is that we continue to evolve and adapt so that each new crop of students receives a better version of instruction, content, and guidance than the last.

I feel that continuing to seek out the best possible versions of technique, and ways to promote efficiency within teaching and learning is paramount to helping students understand better. Not just for competition purposes or to stay “current”, but to make sure that every student comes away with an increasingly clearer understanding of what was presented in the class, and that they leave with a feeling that they were successful in their efforts. The more success we have in communicating to our students, the faster they will progress, and that’s a victory for everyone.

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