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Hit the Triangle from the Over Hook with This Amazing Detail from Neil Melanson

Hit the Triangle from the Over Hook with This Amazing Detail from Neil Melanson


Acquiring the over hook from bottom guard can lead to an enormous list of options if you know how to control the position properly. Trapping the arm and creating an angle can leave your opponent in a sticky situation. This position has its benefits in gi and no gi applications, but in no gi, I feel it’s a particularly constricting way to control your opponent that can help to slow things down while you decide your next course of action. The amount of technique available here is quite vast. You’ll have the triangle, the omoplata, various reversals, among other options, all at your disposal.

In this video, Neil Melanson uses the over hook position to execute a triangle. This is a common option from this position, but Melanson uses some very cool mechanics to eliminate his partners arm and secure the submission. Check it out!

As Melanson acquires his partner’s head and the over hook, he hips out and places his left foot in his partner’s hip. Here he cups his own leg with his over hook hand for added security. A really common issue here is our partner using their free arm to block our bottom leg from moving. This makes it difficult to remove the leg and attack. Melanson has an amazing answer for this problem.

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Melanson pulls his partners arm into a position where he can thread his over hook hand through the space. He keeps his arm rigid and makes a tight fist. When he’s ready to attack the submission, he straightens his arm and opens up the space, allowing his partner’s elbow to shrink down and disappear inside his legs. Melanson free leg can now wrap the neck for the triangle, and his foot in the other hip can provide the mobility need to square up and enter the triangle set up position. Melanson then utilizes the arm or the leg to help him create his angle, and secure a tight triangle.

This is an incredibly helpful detail for attacking from this position. The mechanics here are sure to help secure that submission and make it stick!




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