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There is nothing quite as demoralizing as being put in a bad position while on the ground and not being able to escape. Besides being physically exhausting, it also takes a toll on the mental portion of our game as well. How do we prepare ourselves for ending up in those bad spots? There are ways of training ourselves to get better and being able to escape those positions. Here are some ways to prepare ourselves for those times when we go where we don’t want to.

Drilling Escapes:

First and foremost, we must drill our escapes. This is the same as if we were learning a pass, sweep or submission. Learn the proper escape(s) and drill them over and over in a more static, beginning setting. Once you feel you have the correct movements and pressure, then have your partner add some resistance. By drilling with resistance, you will be sure to get the escape(s) completely down.

Let Yourself Get Put There:

It’s time for rolling. You get paired up with someone that is fundamentally not as well versed as you in Jiu Jitsu. This is when you can practice your escape(s) in a more live setting. When rolling, maybe you let your partner pass your guard, or give up your back and then try to escape. This is good practice for when you eventually go against a more experienced, higher ranked person. That way you can have everything down and be more formidable when you get put in a bad spot against a person that knows it well.

Start Out There:

One particular thing I like to do in training, is start out in a bad position. Sometimes I will let someone start out on my back or take side control on me. This way, I am in the worst of the worst situations. My partner has a sound position on me, and my escape(s) must be good, otherwise I will be in danger. This will get your movements much tighter and make your escape(s) more proper.

Practice Your Breathing:

One thing that I cannot stress enough is practice your breathing. So many people get put in a bad spot (mount, side control, the back, etc) and they begin to have a mini panic attack. When they do this, their breathing becomes wild and fast and they become much prone to being submitted. Slow your breathing down. Know when to breathe long, or breathe short. You will prevent yourself from gassing out and will be ready to counter your opponent and escape.

Being put in bad positions will happen to you. No matter what rank you are, or how much mat time you have, eventually someone will put you in a bad spot. Being able to stay composed and keeping your wits about is how you will escape those bad situations.

bad position

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